Autism Awareness Month is April, Autism Center of Excellence at

April 2021: Celebrate Differences: Autism Acceptance Month

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#CelebrateDifferences provides information to understand more about challenges facing families and individuals on the autism spectrum. Let us learn and celebrate differences. Trizy Autism Center of Excellence, helps family and community and partners to support the increased prevalence of autism spectrum diagnosis that is affecting families whereby 1 in every 54 children are learning to manage autism spectrum. We provide resources for families, and communities to win through partnering and learn to celebrate differences and truly be inclusive in everyday life.

Autism Awareness Month began in April 1972 initiated by the Autism Society to create support channels and awareness of people affected by autism are to recognize the highest quality of life possible.

Acceptance of Autism is now more than ever, a central concern for families and communities worldwide. Awareness is not enough. Acceptance, and a increased resources are needed beyond basic awareness of the autism, and understanding the signs, symptoms, and realities of autism.

Childhood diagnosis of Autism has increased prevalence since 2010 from 1 in 125 children to 2020 topping the charts of impacting 1 in 54 children!

The Autism Society has organized and is structuring the Autism Center of Excellence. We have provided some of the best resources and helped our members with shared findings, innovation and good news on our Autism A-Z Reference Guide.

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