Best of the Best Autism Awareness Spots

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Favorite Social Media Pages

Autism Resources On Facebook:

  1. Autism Center of Excellence
  2. Autism Awareness Page
  3. Parenting ADHD & Autism
  4. Parents who have Girl’s and Boy’s On The Autism Spectrum Disorder
  5. Single Parents Of Children With Autism
  6. Autism Will Not Define My Son
  7. Girls and Autism: Parenting Girls on the Autism Spectrum
  8. Autism Daddy
  9. Fathering Autism
  10. Autism Mothers 
  11. CafeMom’s Autism: Spectrum Support 
  12. Autism Women’s Network 
  13. Dogs for Autism 
  14. Autism Makes Me Laugh
  15. Autism Research Institute 
  16. Autism Special Needs Resources
  17. National Autism Association
  18. The Autism Society of America 
  19. Bailey Baio Angel Foundation
  20. Dr. Michael Hart
  21. Thinking persons guide to autism
  22. Autism: Different Not Less 
  23. Autism Speaks 
  24. Autism Speaks Advocacy
  25. Autism Sparks 
  26. Autism Understanding and Acceptance
  27. Autism United 
  28. World Autism Awareness Day

Autism Resources On Twitter

  1. @Autism
  2. @disabilitygov
  3. @ScottBaio
  4. @TheCoffeeKlatch
  5. @AutismClassroom
  6. @autismvotes
  7. @NationalAutism
  8. @ResearchAutism
  9. @thinkingautism
  10. @centerforautism
  11. @theautismnews
  12. @AutismParentMag
  13. @AutismWithDrJae

Autism Resources & cool stuff on Pinterest

Our Autism Center of Excellence is here to serve the community with leading Autism Awareness, knowledge, tips, techniques, tools, products, policies, that help the Autism Spectrum community and the families that love them, to live their best lives.

What social media sites to you find most helpful to others?
~ Autism Center of Excellence, a Trizy Healthcare Solutions Service.

Sharing is caring!

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