TRIZY Center of Excellence

What is an Autism Center of Excellence:

An Autism Center of Excellence means a united focus and multidisciplinary approach and access to all treatment options available
to Autism patients and caregivers. Because autism has not one treatment, but once diagnosed, affect so many aspects of health,
its difficult for patients and caregivers, to coordinate across doctor, treatment, therapy, diet, education information.
The Center of Excellence is focused on producting the best integration to improve case management and decision making
centralized on patient centric, unique, and simple tools to manage the greater complexity.

Creating a center of excellence raises the standards and practices world wide offering improved early detection and the
lastest evidenced-based autism treatment, diagnostic, medical and nutritional or learning research to apply to
to appropriate cases, worldwide, which benefits autism patients, caregivers, educators, doctors, and therapists.

Autism Centers of Excellence have four main goals:

To provide patient and caregiver-focused care backed by trusted current knowledge, education, tools, resources and forums.


To improve the healthcare and autism treatment outcomes through centralized knowledge, early detection and prompt, appropriate treatment.

Digitally transform Autism care resources to ensure that the best knowledge, tracking, case treatment options are presented to patients and their caregivers.

To create a transparent system of quality management and outcomes of Autism patients and the caregivers that support them.


Support us in ushering a new era of Global Autism Awareness, Resources, and Service Excellence!