Happy 1 Year Birthday to Autism Awareness Center of Excellence (Trizy.com)

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1 in 54 US Children have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorder in 2020. Remember “diagnosed” does not consider the volumes of undiagnosed ASD patients, but the challenge is not as simple as “autism”, it comes with education, behavior, care, anxiety symptoms. Conservative Autism costs are estimated at $60,000 per year through childhood due to special education services, healthcare costs, and parents’ lost wages. In the US alone costs are expected to reach $461 Billion in the next 5 years, in the U.S.

2012 Autism research found that 1 in 160 children worldwide have an autism spectrum disorder. Parent’s education and resources are a factor in a child’s early diagnosis, treatment and Intervention. If you were to take the US estimates and project that across the world a few things come to mind:

  • 19% of children living in the US, were below Federal poverty level with an ADHD or a learning disability diagnosis. (Federal poverty for a family of four is a household income of $26,200)
  • 13% of families were living at or above the poverty level
  • How much might those numbers change in areas with higher poverty rates, and less resources?

This became the inspiration for Trizy Autism Awareness. People who had developed solutions, knowledge and resources, sharing their experience, strength and hope. Thank you for supporting and contributing to Autism Awareness! We can not believe it has been a year since we started our Autism Center of Excellence with a Facebook Page, a great start on a central knowledge center for Families, Healthcare professionals, and Teachers looking for a one stop shop for Autism Resources and best practices for supporting anyone on the Autism Spectrum. and the family and challenges that help an Autism Spectrum Individual to lead their best lives.

Some of our member families shared their Personal Interest Stories, my favorite was our launch Impact Story of 27 year old Jhuma in rural Bangladesh.

We welcome more stories, personal or abstracted (like Maria a 4 year old from the Bay Area).

It was a great start for the first year, but we have even better sights on the future. Join us, share your stories, ideas, and opportunity to increase the resources available to our community.

Facebook Autism Center of Excellence | Autism Awareness A-Z Index

Sharing is caring!

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