June: Autism Awareness Center of Excellence Founders Day!

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On this day, we declare the Autism Awareness Center of Excellence Founder’s Birthday your team would like to express our gratitude for all you have done to raise awareness on the needs for Global Support around Autism Spectrum Healthcare

The team at Trizy.org would like you to join us in wishing a Happy Birthday to Trizy.org’s driving force. Today we acknowledge and celebrate the birthday of Raj Chock.


Our Inspiration Story for Autism Awareness is Raj Chock. I got to know him as an incredibly bright IT Service Management professional who served on the board of the Silicon Valley San Francisco Bay Area IT Service Management Forum.

However it was what he was doing to help support a growing Autism Awareness Community that left me in awe. He shared research that helped to benefit so many globally. He has helped parents and families facing the early stages of diagnosis. He found and funded some amazing global Autism care services who created a warm and happy place for Autistic Childrens care.. More on that story, as this needs its OWN story,


Raj has partnered with people worldwide to centralize and expand expert knowledge and pulled together a team to do more to help the growing demand. The goal is to share what is available and continue to Enhance Autism Awareness healthcare, education, advocacy addressing the critical needs of the Autism Community as a whole.

  • Raise awareness for the life cycle of managed service challenges
  • Create Tools that help manage Autism Patient care and growth life cycle (health, behavior, education, diet)
  • Improve Service Delivery Processes that reduce complexity for families and caregiver continuity.
  • Create special critical resources emergency services for community caregivers and families

Raj shared one world example of an amazing and caring heart center for Autism Child Development and care is The Lotus Foundation. A program rich in incredible teachers with a passion for encouraging the their Autism children’s education and well rounded teaching.

As Raj is an IT Professional, we share, how U Vijaykanth, the head of Computer Studies at the Lotus Foundation. In this video, VJ explains how their program teaches children Computer Studies Foundations, to embrace technology precomputer skills, then and build on logic skills and then software learning.

More will be shared about this amazing Lotus Center in the future as well. But here is whats important. When we come together and share ideas, and challenge one another to do more, we innovate new ideas and approaches to evolve solutions.

Raj thank you for being a good humanitarian service person with both the heart and technology to influence and move people to better richer, lovely lives.

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