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Welcome to the evolution of Autism patient and caregiver resources. Trizy Org is a non-profit Organization offering comprehensive services to Autism community.

It has been challenging to date with a deluge of data, what do you trust for patient and caregiver resources, to provide End to End Autism related solution. Today there is too much misinformation, and an overall lack of trusted data and integration between the many healthcare, wellness, treatment, and educational resources required to manage patient’s unique challenges.

Public (School, Regional Centers, State & Federal Govt)
Private (Hospitals, Insurance Companies, Service Providers Care givers including the affected parents) autism related systems.

Provide unique information-driven web based status tracking & reporting service for Autistic Children Main Focus will be on “Low income group”  as a non-profit motive to provide the required autism related services and information leading to Early Intervention

Autism Care and Managed Service Solutions

Because Autism Patient Care is challenging enough, without the added complications of a complicated maze of tracking, a lack of coordination on tools, and knowledge.

  • Trizy is committed to providing the highest level of Managed Autism Services for every patient, every where
  • We are a nonprofit dedicated to funding research, treatment and early diagnostics that translates into improved treatment options and patient outcomes, globally
  • Demonstrate quality differentiation of their services, equipment and technologies
  • Enact a culture of continuous improvement
  • Trusted knowledge and reputation in the Autism and medical community

Trizy is partnering in innovation in Autism Centers of Excellence.

TRIZY will be a tool, an app, a  portal for solving Autism mystery.

We are committed to extending the quality of Autism Patient and Caregiver Managed Services, We partner with Major Autism Institutions and Support Groups worldwide, to centralize the best tools, techniques, and resources.

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